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Stockholm taxi

Taxi Stockholm

Lidingö taxi

Nacka taxi

Saltsjöbaden taxi

Värmdö taxi

Tyresö taxi

Haninge taxi

Farsta taxi

Skarpnäck taxi

Enskede taxi

Årsta taxi

Hammarby taxi

Sköndal taxi

Älta taxi

Bandhagen taxi

Svedmyra taxi

Östberga taxi

Älvsjö taxi

Huddinge taxi

Tumba taxi

Liljeholmen taxi 

Aspudden taxi

Hägersten taxi

Skärholmen taxi

Mälarhöjden taxi

Norsborg taxi

Bromma taxi

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Täby taxi

Waiting time from airports

From Arlanda 30 min
From Bromma Airport 20 min
From Skavsta 30 min
Then add 6 kr / min

Fixed price
We offer a fixed price on all trips. Enter both from address and destination and you will get a fixed price that you pay for your trip.

Fixed prices to / from airports

Alla områden med fastpris 390 kr kommer att kosta 425  kr mellan kl 00:00 och 08:59

  • Stockholm
  • (inom tullarna)
  • Bergshamra
  • Rissne
  • Solna
  • Sundbyberg
  • Ursvik 

To Arlanda

  • 1-4 pers. 390 kr.
  • 5-6 pers. 590 kr.
  • 7    pers. 780 kr.

From Arlanda

  • 1-4    pers. 545 kr.
  • 5-6    pers. 745 kr.
  • 7-8    pers. 1090 kr.

Priset 390 kr gäller från kl 09:00

  • Alvik
  • Bromma
  • Vällingby
  • hässelby
  • Danderyd
  • Djursholm
  • Täby
  • Täby kyrkby
  • Akalla
  • Helenelund
  • Husby
  • Sollentuna
  • Kista

To Arlanda

  • 1-4    pers. 360 kr.
  • 5-6    pers. 560 kr.
  • 7-8    pers. 720 kr.

From Arlanda

  • 1-4    pers. 520 kr.
  • 5-6    pers. 720 kr.
  • 7-8    pers. 1040 kr.
  • Järfälla

To Arlanda

  • 1-4    pers. 425kr.
  • 5-6    pers. 590 kr.
  • 7-8    pers. 750 kr.

From Arlanda

  • 1-4    pers. 545 kr.
  • 5-6    pers. 745 kr.
  • 7-8    pers. 1090 kr.
  • Aspudden
  • Hammarby
  • -Sjöstad
  • Liljeholmen
  • Sickla
  • Årsta 

To Arlanda

  • 1-4    pers. 455 kr.
  • 5-6    pers. 655 kr.
  • 7-8    pers. 750 kr.

From Arlanda

  • 1-4    pers. 615 kr.
  • 5-6    pers. 815 kr.
  • 7-8    pers. 1230 kr.

Price vouchers give you the opportunity to quickly compare the price between different companies and make sure how much your trip will cost.


The decals fully comply with the Transport Agency's rules for design.

1-4 Personer


10 km som tar 15 min



Helgfria vardagar Kl 09:00 - 15:00




Övriga tider

Som ej omffats av tariff 1

Fre kl 15:00 - Mån kl 09:00

Röda dagar samt Julafton samt annan dag jul kl 00:00 - 24:00

Nyårsafton, Midsommar afton och Valborgsmässoafton 

Kl 15:00 - 24:00 nästa dag


Väntetaxa före färd

Alla dagar kl 00:00 - 24:00


Grundavgift 44 kr +

12.8 kr/km + 520 kr/tim

302 kr

Grundavgift 44 kr +

13.5 kr/km + 525 kr/tim

310 kr

324 kr

Grundavgift 44 kr +

13.6 kr/km + 575 kr/tim

Grundavgift 44 kr +

0 kr/km + 525 kr/tim

175 kr



5-8 Personer


Storbil 5-7 pers

Alla dagar 00:00 - 24:00


Väntetaxa före färd

Alla dagar kl 00:00 - 24:00

175 kr

Grundavgift 76 kr +

19.23 kr/km + 673 kr/tim

Grundavgift 44 kr +

0 kr/km + 525 kr/tim

437 kr

Fees at focal points in Stockholm
In order to ensure service and quality for travelers traveling from hubs, there are more and more landowners who choose to charge an additional fee for taxi companies. The fees finance, among other things, logistics solutions, taxi rankings and the right taxi company that meets specified requirements is driving the hub. Prices include VAT.



travel Conditions

The goal of Green Cab is to be a leader in quality and service.
To achieve this goal, Green Cab puts a lot of time and resources on internal education
For drivers and personnel who account for 90% Traffic Safety, Behavior and Punctuality.
Green Cab only uses cars that are less harmful to the environment, such as gas, hybrid and electric cars.

The purpose of these terms is to reduce misunderstandings to be as accurate as possible in
The orders for best service to you as Green Cab's customer.
Order of trip

You can book taxi in several ways at Green Cab via Phone, Internet, App, Mejl.
When the booking is made, you will receive confirmation via Mail / SMS. If the confirmation does not match yours
order please contact our staffed exchange immediately.
Tel. 08 390 390

Number of persons and number of bags
In order for us to send the right car to you, we must have the right number of persons and baggage in the order.
3 persons + 3 bags are normal car / 4 people + 4 bags are kombibil.
Increasing the number of persons or bags we have to send bigger car and there with change of price.
Make sure you are available on the specified phone number that is in the booking so that you can be contacted at the pickup time.


waiting charge
For pre-order on a taxi ride:
5 minutes wait time thereafter charge of waiting rate (large car tariff 9 and regular car tariff 8)
For direct booking on a taxi ride:
5 minutes wait time thereafter charge of waiting rate (large car tariff 9 and regular car tariff 8)
Direct order with fixed price:
5 minutes wait time thereafter charge of waiting rate (large car tariff 9 and regular car tariff 8)
For pre-order with fixed price:
No waiting time included. Payment of the waiting rate (tariff 8.9) begins from the pre-ordered time.

Waiting times for prepayment from an airport
From Arlanda 30 minutes are included
From Bromma 20 minutes are included
From Skavsta 30 minutes included
Then 6 kr / min

Force majeure
Strike, blockade or other such circumstance, over which the parties do not have war, riot, fire,
explosion, natural disaster or government intervention, releases the parties from both fulfillment of obligations
according to this agreement - insofar as they can not be met without abnormally high costs - as from the obligation to
to pay damages for non-compliance.


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